China Paints


CPO303 Flesh - Delicate pink flesh tone. Layer in thin coats for effect.  Can be used on colored bisque to add a soft glow and tone to the porcelain color.

CPO304 Shell Pink - Medium to light soft pink with a hint of orchid.  Great for decorative work.

CPO307 Dark Brown - Medium shade of reddish-brown.  Very effective brown color when used with auburn or strawberry colored wigs.  A good mixing color for other browns.

CPO308 Leaf Green - Beautiful medium green for leaves jewelry and ornaments.

CPO310 Peacock Green - Brilliant shade of bue-green for painted eyes, design and decorative work

CPO312 Albert Yellow - Dark yellow. Works well as a primary color for mixing (except with reds) and especially good for toning browns.  Use for decorative work on figurines, bisque dolls and jewelry.

CPO322 Brown Green - Muted green with soft brown undertones for shading or accenting painted eyes (with darker color).

CPO324 Apple Green - A delicate light green with yellow undertones.

CPO329 Lemon Yellow - Bright medium shade of yellow.  Mix with heavy medium for opaque coverage.

CPO331 Blood Red - Intense true red gloss.  Use with a heavy medium for good dense shiny coverage.

CPO335 Pink - Light peachy pink.  For a delicate flesh tone may be used as overall wash on white bisque

CPO340 Royal Violet - Very brilliant and intense dark purple for all types of design work, for mixing with other colors and as a base coat on eye painting.

CPO341 Barely Pink - A beautiful shade of pale pink.  May be used alone for decorative work or in layers with other colors for unusual effect (Soft Effects Lip Technique)  May also be used as a thin wash in the first firing.

CPO342 Dusty Rose Pink - A delicate rose.  Developed especially for lips, cheeks and washes.  Sensational lip color when used in conjunction with Barely Pink.  Good color to use with Desert Tan and Cinnamon colored porcelains.

CPO343 - Rosy Pink Cheeks - Deeper shades of rose for washes, blushes and lips.  Beautiful color for modern dolls and for many French dolls.  For accenting and shading perfect compliment to Dusty Rose Pink. Gives nice effects on medium shades of colored porcelains, reproductions dolls.  Also wonderful for fairies, clowns and figurines.

CPO345 Perfect Rose - Exquisite vibrant pink  Excellent for design/decorative work and mixing with other colors.

CPO356 Scandinavian Glow - A rich warm European skin tone.  Color may be used as an overall wash or blush application on any tan or pink colored porcelain.  It is also perfect for eye shadows and facial shadings where a warm tone is desired.

CPO357 Snow Blossom - A true opaque white that fires to a soft gloss finish.  Use alone or mix with other colors to soften and/or lighten their color intensities.

CPO358 Chestnut - A rich auburn red brown that is perfect for brows and lashes on red headed dolls  Wonderful for washes on French Glow and Champagne for Native American dolls

CPO359 Mocha Supreme - Soft warm brown with golden undertones.  Perfect for brow work on babies and light hair colored dolls.  As a wash, compliments Cinnamon and Desert Tan porcelains.

CPO360 Toffee - Warm brown with distinctive red undertones will create great brows, lashes and freckles.  Warm up the skin tones on French Glow, French Rose or English Rose porcelain.  Use as a wash on Desert Tan and Cinnamon for ethnic skin tones.

CPO361 French Tips - Natural cream color especially designed to accent our three new nail colors for nail tips and half moons at nail base.

CPO362 Whisper Rose - A pale and delicate pink with a satiny finish.  Lovely for baby dolls.

CPO363 Pink Innocence - Soft rose on older dolls for a beautiful French manicure.  Makes a great wash on French Glow and light porcelain slip colors.

CPO364 Berry Natural - Lavender rose tone that is just the right treatment on ethnic dolls with darker skin tones.  Also produces a lovely eye shadow color.

CPO372 Sterling Gray - A medium shade of gray gloss.  Good for painted hair and eye painting techniques.

CPO380 Hazelnut - An intense deep brown with reddish gold undertones.  Perfect for eyes, brows, lashes and washes on a darker shades of bisque.

CPO381 Jumeau Brow - Deep rich warm brown with ash undertones.  Color matches tone of antique Jumeau doll brows and lashes  May also be used as an overall wash in varying intensities  Good color for eyes and modern dolls.

CPO385 French Blush - Rich and vibrant rosy red for use in overall washes for later French dolls and for blushing cheeks.  Nice rich color for modern doll cheeks.

CPO386 Ebony Black - An intense black used for lashes on French and German dolls.  Mix with a heavy medium (CPO274) for a solid, gloss coverage.  Good as a mixing color with brown for a true black/brown.

CPO387 German Lips - A vivid red-orange used for most German dolls.  Provides nice coloring when used with Oriental Flesh, Misty Cream, Champagne and Desert Tan tinted bisque.  Do not use on French Dolls.

CPO388 Deep Blue Eyes - Deep blue with hint of violet undertones.  Wonderful for painted eyes on modern dolls and accenting or shading on lighter blues.  An authentic color for French or German children and lady dolls.

CPO391 German Blush - Rich mauve rose, matches color of many German dolls for overall washes.  Also wonderful for modern dolls.

CPO394 Sweet Lavender - Medium shade of lavender for eyeshadow on both modern and antique reproduction dolls.  Also wonderful for fairies, clowns and figurines.

CPO397 Primrose Pink - A dewy soft, rosy pink.  Wonderful for modern doll lips and cheeks.  Perfect choice for lips on early French dolls, all over delicate washes and for baby doll lips, cheeks and nail work.

CPO398 Rosewood - A stronger rose tone for cheeks and overall blushes.  A good companion color to Primrose Pink for shading and accenting.  Great color for medium to dark shades of brown porcelain.

The Neutrals - Use these colors to create varying tones for all painting

techniques. Add white to create tints and black to create shades.

Flesh Tones - Use for overall washes or alone for decorative work on

figurines and ornaments. When using as a wash, add Fluxing Agent or Essence

of Rose to the paint mixture.

Reds - Excellent colors for lips and cheeks. This selection of reds is classified

as iron-based colors. (Refer to information on mixing with gold-based colors.)

Caution should be used when mixing with, or applying over, wet yellows.

Yellows are strong and can consume the reds. If using as an overall wash, add

Essence of Rose or Fluxing Agent to paint mixture.

Reds & Purples - For a smooth application, apply thin coats. Colors may

be mixed with most colors. When mixing with iron-based colors, a larger

portion of the iron-based color must be added, as the gold-based color is

dominant. These colors will accommodate a wide firing range from 019 to

016. Colors can vary slightly in different firing heat and for best results, should

be test-fired first. For overall washes, mix either Fluxing Agent or Essence of

Rose (4 to 1 ratio) into the paint mixture.

Browns - Eyebrow and eyelash colors used to create a wide range of natural

colors as well as for decorative work.

Yellows - Use for decorative work or for mixing with other colors.

Blues - A wide variety of colors for use in eye painting, decorative work, or

for mixing with other colors to create new hues.