KB Brush #3 - Short Brow Brush


Hair: Pure Kazan squirrel hair

Uses: A medium-sized, soft natural-hair brush that achieves a wonderful blotch free texture for small to medium-sized brows, lashes, sickle-shaped one-stroke brows or under brows. The texture of the hair causes the brush to "float" along the surface of the porcelain and this results in very smooth, flowing lines.

The paint consistency has to be quite liquid. Very fine lines can be achieved by cutting a few hairs out of the brush. Care must be taken, however, since too much trimming can cause the remaining hairs to collapse. Trim out any blunt-looking hairs, as these can cause the painted line to end abruptly instead of tapering to a fine end. Kazan squirrel hair holds paint exceptionally well and the brush does not have to be reloaded frequently