KB China Paint Puppenbrow Colors


These are old-fashioned China paints, similar to those used in the early days. Important: Do not underfire china paints! They will either rub off or be chalky matte! Fire all china paints to cone 018. If you wish to matt down a rose skin color, mix it with Skin Tone # 1 (Rose Velours) - not with a matting agent - for a lovely finish. China paints will look best on porcelain fired to maturity. Underfired porcelain will result in chalky looking painting!

The china paints listed in our shop can all be fired safely from Junior Orton Cone 019 (about 690°C - 1279°F) to Junior Orton Cone 018 (about 730°C -1386°F). Although some colors will also take a higher temperature, pink colors might turn blueish when fired higher than cone 018.

None of the colors should be fired lower than cone 019. The color might not develop properly at that low temperature and rub off after the firing.

Puppenbrow #1 Golden Tan

A truly golden-brown color, not dark but quite intense. Fairly glossy. Use Golden Tan and Teal Blue in eyes to achieve perfect hazel eyes. Nice for one-stroke brows in some baby dolls and Heubach dolls.

Puppenbrow #2 Dark Sepia

A very intense, very strong deep chocolate brown with a touch of licorice. Use it sparingly. Excellent for many French dolls with greenish brows. Quite glossy. Easy to paint with.

Puppenbrow #3 Moss brown

A semi-intense, green-brown color that is used for some early French and German dolls. Use well diluted for best effect. Semi gloss finish (when used well diluted). Mix it with Puppenbrow # 6 (Nutbrown) for a less greenish tinge.

Puppenbrow #4 Bru Brow

A pale green brown color that is great for early Bru dolls with very pale brows. Use well diluted for best effect. Similar to Moss Brown. Semi gloss finish.

Puppenbrow #5 Jumeau Brow

The exact intense and dark green brown color of many antique Jumeau doll with the fairly heavy,  well-feathered brows. Semi gloss finish

Puppenbrow #6 Nut brown

A rich medium brown, the exact color of a ripe hazelnut shell. Quite glossy. Suitable for many German character dolls. Mix it with golden Tan for a  toned-down golden brown color.

Puppenbrow #8 Warm Brown

A warm, saturated brown color that is ideal for many German character dolls and baby hair. The color lies midway between Puppenbrow # 6 (Nutbrown) and Puppenbrow # 7S (Rosewood SATIN).