KB China Paints - Puppeneyes


These are old-fashioned China paints, similar to those used in the early days. Important: Do not underfire china paints! They will either rub off or be chalky matte! Fire all china paints to cone 018. If you wish to matt down a rose skin color, mix it with Skin Tone # 1 (Rose Velours) - not with a matting agent - for a lovely finish. China paints will look best on porcelain fired to maturity. Underfired porcelain will result in chalky looking painting!

The china paints listed in our shop can all be fired safely from Junior Orton Cone 019 (about 690°C - 1279°F) to Junior Orton Cone 018 (about 730°C -1386°F). Although some colors will also take a higher temperature, pink colors might turn blueish when fired higher than cone 018.

None of the colors should be fired lower than cone 019. The color might not develop properly at that low temperature and rub off after the firing.

Puppeneyes #1 Cornflower Blue

A deep blue-grey color for painted eyes – especially on German dolls like K*R dolls. Semi gloss finish.

Puppeneyes #2 Forget Me Not Blue

A light blue that is exactly the color of the Forget-Me-Not flower. Easy to paint. It is used for painted eyes and the hair bow on some Heubach dolls.