KB Mold - GB 117 A, B, C Molds for heels for shoes - Set of 3


GB117 A-B-C Molds for Heels for Shoes, Set of 3 molds
Heels for French Fashion shoes for the FFP-12" (32 cm) and FFP-9" (24.5 cm) fashion bodies, as well as other shoes for dolls of about 30-40 cm. Each mold is for 12 heels of the same kind. The heels can be poured or pressed and different materials can be used, as long as it doesn't stick to plaster. One heel has an elegant, curved shape, one is for "sensible" shoes like boots, and one is in-between the two. The sizes are slightly different, so they fit the larger as well as the smaller doll's shoes. Instructions for very easy-to-make heels can be found in Gildebrief 2/2013.